Pampered Chef Garlic Press

I have shown this tool in a couple of posts already, but it deserves its own mention. I took with a LOT of garlic. I’m Italian, and I grew up in a home where garlic was frequent ingredient in both mom and dad’s cooking, so naturally, I incorporate garlic in a lot of the meals I prepare. Fortunately for me, my husband and the girls all like garlic as well, so we can all hang out together with our garlic breath and no one is the wiser, as long as we confine ourselves to the house and don’t venture out. Research has also shown that there are many health benefits of garlic, including lower cholesterol, and fending off those vampires.

Garlic Press


The Pampered Chef Garlic Press is my “weapon of choice” to crush garlic. You don’t even have to peel the garlic. Just pop the clove in and close the handles. I just use a butter knife to scrape the garlic into the pan and then remove the peel and start over. The handles are very durable and it’s dishwasher safe. It also comes with the attachment for cleaning. It’s seriously one of the most frequently used and most loved tools in my kitchen. I’m not sponsored by Pampered Chef, I just love to share tools that make my life a little easier, and this one is definitely in the top 10.

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