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There are some simple ediquette guidelines regarding sharing original content online. If the following statements don’t answer your questions, please contact me at ketchumkitchen@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer them.


All photographs on Ketchum Kitchen were taken by and are the property of Shannon Ketchum unless otherwise noted.

Ketchum Kitchen either owns the copyright or has the rights to use all photographs on the site. Please contact me to obtain permission if you would like to use a photo on this site (ketchumkitchen@gmail.com.) In general, I don’t mind if my photos are republished on other sites as long as there is a link back to the recipe from which the photo is taken, and as long as the recipe itself is not also published with the photograph.

Use of my Recipes

I’m flattered you like my recipe! If you’d like to share, I simply ask that you abide by the following:

If you would like to republish a recipe you find here on Ketchum Kitchen on your own website, please 1) re-write the instructions in your own unique words 2) please do not copy the headnotes, and 3) please provide a working link back to the source recipe on www.ketchumkitchen.com. I ask that you rewrite the recipes in your own words because Google penalizes sites when they see duplicate content on the web, making it more difficult for readers to find our recipes using Google search.

If you do try one of my recipes, I would love to see a photo on Social Media. Use the hashtag #ketchumkitchen so that I can see your creations.

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