Hope Goes to the Spa

hope goes to the spa

I decided to take Hope to the dog park on Saturday because it was gorgeous and sunny and 60 degrees and she hadn’t been in months. What I did not anticipate was in the spots that it wasn’t icy, it was extremely muddy and we were literally sloshing around the dog park. I felt bad for the dog owners of dogs with long hair because they were literally dripping in mud. Hope doesn’t like to get wet, so she didn’t get too filthy, but her paws were a muddy mess and she desperately needed to go to the spa and get cleaned up. I will add that she had a BLAST and it was totally worth it.

We love our local groomers, Happy Dog. They love Hope and take good care of her. Regardless, she always comes home somewhat traumatized. As if I would take her there, leave her and not pick her up. Every time, it’s an ordeal – there is crying, there is crawling across the floor trying to come back to me as I try to escape without making a big scene. Please tell me you have a similar experience with your furry friends.

When I return to get her, there is jubilation. Mama! I thought you left me for good and I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever see you again! (Cue Taylor Swift – never, ever, ever…)

Then we come home and she takes a drink of water, eats some food and crashes. She’s simply exhausted from the trauma she endured with those wonderful people that love on her.

Today she got a pretty pink flower. Even sleeping, she looks so pretty. I think we’ll keep her.

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