French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Hello Friends, I hope you are well and are enjoying September so far. It’s hard to believe that fall is around the corner. I’m excited for the start of football season (Go Broncos!) and for some cooler weather. Here in Colorado, the leaves are starting to change and there are flecks of gold and light green in the trees. Fall is my favorite time of year. By the end of the summer, I’m ready for flannels and boots, scarves and harvest season.

    This is a photo I took a few years ago of the fall leaves and it’s one of my favorites.

    colorado fall

    What’s your favorite thing about fall? Is it the comeback of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cooler weather, football, apple picking?

    Today I’m sharing with you a recipe for my French Toast with Vanilla Butter. It’s made with fresh Challah bread, which should be available at your local grocery store. Challah bread is thick and chewy and holds up really well to the wet egg and milk in French Toast.

    french toast with vanilla butter

    Challah bread is a Jewish braided bread, usually eaten on ceremonial occasions like the Sabbath.

    Make nice, thick slices of the Challah bread for French Toast.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    This recipe for French Toast with Vanilla Butter has all of the traditional French Toast Ingredients. You’ve got your eggs, milk, vanilla and ground cinnamon. What makes it extra special is a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar over each side of the slices to give an extra crunchy texture as it heats up on the griddle.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Electric Griddles are great for making eggs, pancakes and French Toast in batches. We received a Black and Decker Electric Griddle as a wedding gift back in 2005, and it still works great! Food cooks evenly on an electric griddle and it makes for super easy cleanup. I’m all for easy clean-up! Can you see that nice, crispy crust on the French Toast as it cooks on the griddle?

    The other secret to making this delicious French Toast is using the caviar of a vanilla bean to make a delicious spread to melt over the top.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Just take a half stick of softened butter and add the caviar of one vanilla bean. Vanilla beans are a little on the pricey side, but the caviar is simply divine and worth every penny.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Using a fork, stir the vanilla bean caviar and softened butter until well combined. Wrap in a piece of Saran Wrap and make a tube (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and refrigerate overnight.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Do you like my wonky little butter roll?

    Serve the butter over the warm French Toast fresh off the griddle and watch it melt down the sides. Vanilla butter is a little sweet, but not overly sweet. You don’t even need maple syrup on this delicious French Toast.

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    Go out today and pick up a loaf of Challah Bread and a vanilla bean and make this incredible recipe for your family. Everyone is going to absolutely go bananas for French Toast with Vanilla Butter.

    Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you like this recipe and if you made any variations. Be sure to tag #ketchumkitchen on Social Media and subscribe to my email list to receive new recipes in your inbox.

    Thank you for stopping by my kitchen, where everything, without exception, is made from the ♥

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter

    15 minutes

    15 minutes

    Category: Breakfast

    Yield: 3

    2 slices

    French Toast with Vanilla Butter


    • 6 slices of fresh Challah Bread
    • 2 eggs
    • 2/3 cup milk
    • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
    • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    • 1/2 stick softened salted butter
    • Caviar of 1 vanilla bean
    • Extra butter to coat the grill pan
    • Sugar & cinnamon to top the French Toast


  • Remove the caviar from the vanilla bean and add to the softened butter. Mix well with a fork until well combined. Place on a piece of Saran Wrap and shape into a tube. Refrigerate overnight.
  • Preheat an electric griddle to 350 degrees.
  • Slice the Challah Bread into thick slices, about 1 inch thick. In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs, milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon and mix well.
  • Lightly butter the surface of the griddle until melted. Take each slice of Challah bread and coat well in the egg/milk mixture and sprinkle with a light amount of cinnamon and sugar. Place the bread on the griddle and cook until lightly browned. Flip and cook on the other side.
  • Top each slice with the Vanilla butter and let it melt over the top.
  • Serve with a bowl of fresh berries.
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