Tupperware Zest ‘N Press Gadget

Back in the day, for a short time, I was a “Tupperware lady.” Before you could buy reusable containers at Costco or Bed, Bath & Beyond, the only places to get reusable containers were Rubbermaid and Tupperware parties. Still today, even with the availability of reusable containers being so prevalent, I think Tupperware is still the best. I recently cleaned out my old containers that were stained and had sat in my cupboard for 15 years and got rid of a ton of old Tupperware product, but I still shop for new Tupperware and I still love it. It holds up great and is well made and I am a self-proclaimed gadget geek. I like technological gadgets and my kitchen is filled with all sorts of gadgets.

Because of this little passion of mine, I like to share some of my favorites with my readers. I’m not selling anything and I am not sponsored by anyone, I just find something good and want to share it.

I was always a “juice by hand” kind of girl until I purchased this juicer from Tupperware several years ago. I get a lot more juice out of citrus and I don’t end up with seeds in my meal. I don’t have the one that comes with the zest gadget, because I bought mine several years ago, but the juicer is the same (other than the color, mine is green.) It’s dishwasher safe and easy to handle, even if your grip isn’t very strong. I used mine all the time and I will never go back to squeezing citrus with my hands.

Tupperware Zest ‘N Press Gadget

Tip: If your citrus doesn’t have a lot of give to it and you don’t think you will get much juice out of it, you can roll it around on the counter with a firm press and roll technique and you’ll get more juice out of it.  I hope this little tip was helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

Tupperware Zest 'N Press Gadget

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