The Story of Hope

Ever since Jay and I married in December of 2005, I have wanted a dog. When we were living in California, he reached a point where he was ready. We knew we wanted a rescue, but just didn’t come across the right dog.

We moved to Colorado in June of 2009 and for years, he wasn’t ready. Our friends Tom and Rhonda would go and visit the Humane Society on weekends for years and send me pictures and Jay’s response would always be, “that’s cute” but he wasn’t very enthusiastic.

Finally, in April of 2014, one day out of the blue, he said, “I think I’m ready to get a dog.” The next weekend, Tom and Rhonda and Jay and Kendall and I had breakfast and went to the Humane Society. We looked around for quite a while and Jay was the one who spotted Hope first. She had been there for only a couple of days and she was found on the street. She was underweight and extremely fearful, but she there was something about her that we were all drawn to.

Hope Kennel

We decided to meet her. We had to fill out some paperwork and put a deposit down since she wasn’t yet available for adoption. When they brought her out to meet us, she was showing too much fear so we had to call on Monday and see how she was doing. We called and she was doing better, so they let us come in and meet her.

Hope Meeting

She was very timid, but we all agreed she was the one for us. She wasn’t available for adoption until Wednesday, so we went home and decided on a name for her. We all agreed we wanted to give her a name with meaning and she gave us hope and we gave her hope, so we decided the little orphan would not only have hope for a future, but hope in her name as well.

On Wednesday, April 30 she was spayed and tagged and we were able to take her home. It took some time for her to warm up, but she was sweet from the very beginning. We have worked with her to build trust and now she is friendly to strangers and her tail is constantly wagging. She is definitely a momma’s girl and we have a special bond. Little did we know when Hope came home with us, that my father would pass away on July 11 at the young age of 64. The timing for Hope to enter our lives was perfect, and I am so grateful to God for bringing us together in His perfect timing. This is Hope today. She is such a little bundle of joy!

2015-03-23 20.23.42

You are no longer an orphan sweet girl!

If you’re looking to add a pet to your home, please consider adoption. There was no other option for us, our hearts told us we needed to adopt and I would encourage you to do the same. I have heard that rescue pets are the best pets because they are so grateful and Hope shows her gratitude every day!

For more information about the Humane Society, click here.



  1. I want to say I’m sorry. You nominated me for an award and I did nothing with it. I apologize. I could give a zillion excuses. The truth is I was just mad about life, and about writing, and I just said fuck it to everything. I apologize. I took another well deserved spot and didn’t do anything with it and I’m sorry. I love your blog however. It’s completely different niche than mine but I got on here the other day to find out about you. And I found so many delicious recipes on here. Recipes for days! Foooood! Anyway, I hope there are no hard feelings. I wanted to say congratulations to you on your very awesome blog, which I will now be stalking lol.


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