Harvest Snack Mix

Harvest Snack Mix - Perfect for fall snacking with a salty/sweet combination

Harvest Snack Mix

Hello Friends! There is no denying it, fall is officially upon us and in full force here in Colorado! The leaves have turned and are starting to fall from the trees. It’s my favorite time of the year, but a little bittersweet because it means that winter is around the corner. While I’m enjoying the lower temperatures, I’m not ready for cold and snow just yet. It seems like fall around here only lasts for a few weeks.

I’m trying to really embrace the fall this year and enjoy every moment. I feel like this year has absolutely flown by (can you relate?) and I am going to savor the last three months. I’ve got some fun fall things coming up on the blog for you, starting with my Harvest Snack Mix.

This is not a recipe and I’m not even going to pretend that it is. It’s a simple snack mix that you can throw together to take to a friend’s house, or have on the table all season for the family to munch on or to offer to guests that stop by.

It’s salty and sweet, which is my absolute favorite combination! If you prefer, you can prepare Chex Mix (I’ve got a recipe on the blog for some super easy Crock Pot Chex Mix) and substitute it for the wheat Chex and peanuts, but I like the combination I’m sharing here.

I am not a fan of candy corn. I know! Oh, the horror. I know so many people that look forward to fall just for the candy corn and PSL (that’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte for those not in the know) from Starbuck’s and I don’t enjoy either. However, I absolutely love the Candy Corn M&M’s that come out this time of year. They are made with white chocolate and pair really well with the crunchy cereal and salty peanuts in this Harvest Snack Mix. There’s no denying that it’s odd that I don’t like candy corn, but I love the candy corn M&M’s. I’m afraid I have no reasonable explanation for you.

I hope you’ll try this super simple Harvest Snack Mix and leave me a comment and let me know how you like it and if you made any variations.

Harvest Snack Mix - Perfect for fall snacking with a salty/sweet combination

Thanks for stopping by the Ketchum Kitchen, where everything, without exception, is made from the ♥ – Happy Fall!

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Harvest Snack Mix

Harvest Snack Mix


  • 2.5 cups chocolate covered pretzels (any brand you like)
  • 2 cups lightly salted peanuts
  • 2 cups plain wheat Chex
  • 1 1/4 cups Candy Corn M&M's
  • Note: Substitute prepared Chex Mix for the Wheat Chex and peanuts if you are seeking a more savory/sweet combination.


  • Toss all of the ingredients in a pretty bowl, stir and enjoy!
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