Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day

I am married to a Veteran. I have many friends who are Veterans. Some of them were severely injured. Some have suffered PTSD. Although I don’t know any personally, some gave their lives. They spend months away from their families sleeping in poor conditions with one eye open, not knowing if they will end up in the line of fire. They volunteer to serve because they want their lives to matter. They feel an obligation to serve their country and they do it with honor.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe my gratitude for these brave men and women, but it’s a start. I’m forever indebted to you for your sacrifice for my freedom. I pray for the safety of those still serving and I hope that one day, we will treat our vets with the dignity and treatment they deserve.


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  1. On November 10th, I celebrated my 75th birthday. On November 11th I cried all day.Its a day to remember all who have given their lives for freedom.. My father, a private in the US army, died in May of 1944, I was less that 2 years old. A year later his younger brother died in the Pacific front.Their deaths made my paternal Grandmother a very bitter woman. In one years time, I lost a father, an uncle and a grandmother I never got to know. Respect our soldiers, help their famiies get through all the dificulties and always keep them in your prayers

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. That must have been such a tough time for you growing up. I’m sure it made you more compassionate than the average human. I do pray for our soldiers and I never, ever take for granted their sacrifice. God bless you Carol and happy birthday! I hope you got to celebrate in a special way. Not everyone gets to celebrate a 75th birthday.


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