Chicken Caesar Wrap on Sundried Tomato Tortilla w/ Crunchy Tortilla Chips

I don’t really feel right calling this a recipe, it’s more of a simple, weeknight dinner that is quick and easy and it also happens to be one of my family’s favorite meals. It’s nice when the family likes a dish that is easy to prepare and even requests it! I tend to make more simple meals during the week and save the heavy-duty cooking for the weekends.

I have had chicken caesar wraps in restaurants and I can honestly say that I prefer my version. I think it’s a combination of the sundried tomato tortilla I use and the crunchy tortilla chips. I also use my favorite bottled caesar dressing, which is the real key.

Sometimes I buy raw chicken breasts and grill them and other times, when I really want a quick meal, I buy pre-grilled chicken breasts. I typically do that with this meal. I can whip the whole thing together in about 10 minutes. That’s my kind of weeknight dinner.

I start by adding the chicken breast strips to a dry skillet and add some salt and pepper and just let them heat through on medium-high heat. You don’t have to heat them up, but I think the wraps taste better with warm chicken breasts.

Chicken Breast Strips

The other ingredients for the filling are super simple. I chop up some Roma tomatoes (they happen to be my favorite tomato), some romaine lettuce, break up some tortilla chips, and use bottled caesar dressing and a 3 cheese blend.

Chicken Caesar Wrap Ingredients

The dressing I like is the Cardini’s Light Caesar dressing. I have tried plenty of other brands over the years and I always go back to this one. I like a creamy caesar dressing, and this one is creamy and has the right amount of anchovy flavor. The 3 cheese blend I use has Asiago, Romano and Parmesan cheese. You can always use standard parmesan cheese, but this 3 cheese blend is so much better!

I like to blister the tortillas under the broiler until just golden. Do not overdue it, or you will have sundried tortilla chips and they are very hard to roll. You might want to keep an extra one out, just in case. I have no experience at this whatsoever, it’s just a mere suggestion (wink, wink.) If you have a gas stove, you can just brown them over the burner, but I do not, so I use the broiler. I just have to keep a close eye on them.

Tomato Tortilla

Pile all of the ingredients in the center of the tortilla. Be careful not to overfill, or they will be really difficult to wrap. This is fun for the kids to “help” with in the kitchen. Put all of the fillings out in bowls and let them assemble their own. All that’s left to do is wrap them up and enjoy!

Caesar Wrap Filling

Chicken Caesar Wrap

I hope you will give this dish a try. If you do, I would love to see a photo! Be sure to tag #ketchumkitchn on Instagram.

Chicken Caesar Wraps on Sundried Tomato Tortilla w/ Crunchy Tortilla Chips


4 Sundried tomato tortillas
12 ounces grilled chicken breasts (allowing for 3 ounces per wrap)
Salt & pepper to taste
3 Roma tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Cardini’s Light Caesar Salad Dressing (that’s my favorite, but you can use any kind you like)
3 cheese blend
Crushed tortilla chips


Heat the grilled chicken breasts (add salt & pepper to taste) in a dry skillet until heated through. While the chicken is heating up, chop up the tomatoes and lettuce and slightly blister the tortillas under the broiler or on a gas stove. Place the chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, tortilla chips, caesar dressing and cheese in the center of each tortilla and wrap up like a burrito and serve.

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