Avocado Peeler from Pampered Chef

I admit that I am definitely a gadget girl, whether it be electronic gadgets, kitchen gadgets, travel gadgets, you name it. I gravitate towards them. I like tools that make life a little easier and while some gadgets are totally unnecessary, I have found some that really are worth the expense and space they take up in my home.

One such gadget is the avocado peeler from Pampered Chef.

Avocado Peeler

My neighbor down the street is a Pampered Chef consultant and whenever she has a demonstration, I find myself ordering new tools for the kitchen. This particular tool gets used constantly in my home, particularly during this time of the year when ripe avocados are plentiful and there are lots of outdoor parties going on. I slice the avocado in half using a sharp knife, and then use this tool to slice the avocado right in the peel and then scrape out the sliced flesh (in slices or cubes, depending on what I’m preparing.)

It’s an inexpensive little gadget that will make a big difference, especially when you’re making a big batch of guacamole and you have lots of avocados to peel. Trust me, you need to give it a try.

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